All you want to know about SEO

All you want to know about SEO

What’s the full form of seo? means Search Engine Optimization.

What’s the importance of seo?

In todays world every thing is getting digital. The inter net is getting filled with billions of websites.

Among these websites you need to stand out. The Google like search engines look for many factors before ranking your website.

If you just create a website for business and wait for the viewers, it may not be enough.

Your website may get lost among those billions of websites. People may visit your website rarely.

If you want more traffic to your website, you have to rank it first. Popular search engines like Google automatically look for some attributes to rank your website.

Now, seo or search engine optimization tools can help your website to be more visible.

What are the SEO web design tools? and How do they work?

There are so many types of seo tools. Each and every seo tool has a different role to play.

Introduction to some seo tools are given below.

Plagiarism checker – This tool checks for any type of copied content. This is a very essential tool. It checks your website’s content’s purity.

Keyword Density – With the right keyword density, your website will be easily found. The position of the keyword is also important. Search engines show the websites which have a right keyword position.

Word counting – Google like search engines have some policies regarding the length of the content. If your content is under 350 words, it may not get a good rank on the search engines.

Malware checking – Malwares often make your website lame. People may not find your website or your website may be down frequently. You should remove the malwares.

Rank checker – There are different types of ranking. Like the Alexa ranking and the Moz ranking . These rankings keep on notifying you about your websites rank on the search engines.

Website speed checker – The speed of your website matters a lot. If your website is slow, it’s not good. This tool will boost your website’s speed.

Backlink maker – Back links are analyzed by the search engines to rank your website. You can generate backlinks with this tool. More backlinks will improve your website’s rank.

Grammar checker – If your website’s content is full of mistakes, People will avoid it. This seo tool will check your website’s grammar and make it perfect.

Minimizing your website’s JAVA script file – This is a great tool to minimize your websites Java script files. It will compress your files and give you more space.

Mobile friendly or not – It’s an important thing to make your website more mobile friendly. This will increase visitors to your website.

Your IP address checker – Your computer’s Ip address’ range is checked by this tool. This can optimize your website’s rank.

There are many seo tools like this. They will help you to get a good rank on the search engines.

Benefits of SEO

If your website is optimized, it will draw more traffic.

More traffic will boost your business.

Your website will reach to every corner of the Earth.

Only seo can make your website visible quickly on the search engines.